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Adding Value to Stress Testing

Weekly FS regulatory news - 18 August 2017

PRA expects firms with cross border activities between the U.K and the rest of the E.U to plan and test for possible adverse scenarios. What should be considered and where can internal audit fit in this process?

Audit Committees are asking internal audit to provide real insights of culture within a firm. Where does internal audit start to audit culture?

Data quality, controls and governance are important in getting stress testing right. How can internal audit add value?

Ford Credit enhances credit underwriting to include borrowers with limited credit histories to increase loan volumes; Credit card companies boot out right wing hate groups.


Quality audits bringing knowledgeable, questioning, imaginative and an insightful approach

Auditing Culture

Bank of England staff raise warning of car finance deals.

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Industry Analysis


State of the banking economy

Weekly FS regulatory news - 11 August 2017

Brexit Contingency Plan

Calls to revise rules on winding down banks; FCA to extend responsibility for all in finance; and CBA’s breach of money laundering and counter terrorism laws

Monetary policy has been the main tool for many central banks for reviving economic growth. Banks' profitability is linked to economic growth. We look at factors that are effecting banks' profitability and what further can be done.

Weekly FS regulatory news - 25 August 2017

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