Trust is a precious thing, particularly in difficult times, easily lost and hard to restore. Audit has an important role in restoring trust.

Quality audits come from a knowledgeable, questioning, imaginative and an insightful approach. We use the audit to explore and think more widely about our clients' business and potential issues they may face.

This understanding enables us to offer new solutions to help clients learn from what has happened and prepare them for, or better still help them avoid issues in the future.

Our strengths

Our strengths in performing quality audits are derived from three pillars:

  • banking product knowledge
  • professional audit experience with tier 1, mid-tier and small financial service firms
  • building effective relations with stakeholders

Our experience is derived from working with banks such as: Bank of America, HSBC, Barclays, Prudential Financial, Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan, FCE Bank, GMAC and many mid-tier and small banks.

This experience has spanned across many products and services such as lending and origination, trade finance, foreign exchange, asset management and insurance, to name a few. This experience and knowledge has been strengthened by seeing how different banks manage these products.

Our regulatory compliance knowledge and audit experience is vast. Our end-to-end audits completed include:

  • Financial conduct - including sales suitability, complaints, product governance 
  • Financial Crime and Compliance - KYC, on boarding, transactions monitoring, exit procedures
  • Capital reviews - COREP, ICAAP
  • Liquidity reviews - ILAA, liquidity returns
  • Basel III
  • Audits performed upon regulators request
  • Large exposures
  • CASS client money and assets
  • Data protection
  • Corporate governance - including board effectiveness review
  • Culture

Our success in providing quality audits is not only through amassing financial services experience and knowledge but also our expertise in the application of audit methodology and audit techniques bringing precision and economy to our clients. One of our core audit objectives is to build effective relations with stakeholders. This ....

How we can help?

We typically serve banks that require specialist expertise in an area of regulatory compliance. We use our knowledge and experience and are involved in the end-to-end audit process of the audit entity. We support audit departments by sharing our knowledge during audits, so they can themselves develop and grow.

Our feedback is very positive. Audit departments are able to fill in gaps in their knowledge and experience, which are being demanded more of by Audit Committees and the regulators. They are able to develop themselves by working with subject matter experts during audits. Our biggest positive feedback is that quality audit is achieved at great value. This is achieved by our experience and knowledge which is hard to replicate.  

Our solutions


Being subject matter experts, we support internal audit departments:

  • where they are challenged to acquire expertise themselves;
  • by developing internal audit teams by sharing knowledge

Co-sourcing has been a great way for internal audit departments for increasing their skills and knowledge.


We provide specialist expertise and value to meet the objectives of the board. With continuous changes in the industry and regulatory landscape internal audit departments must change and be adaptable to provide assurance over key emerging risks. We provide the agility by working across the industry and sharing our knowledge.

Building effective relations

Dhallu & Co.